Science Fair Projects: A Guide for Students (and Parents)

The purpose of this post is to list simple steps to create a Science Fair Project.So, you decided to do a science fair project?   Whether it is required or not, completing the project can be a great experience.   
Let’s start with the obvious.  Why do a Science Fair Project?  What are the benefits?Science Fair projects offer the opportunity to learn:       the Scientific Method,presentation skills,research techniques,elevator speeches, real world applications, persuasive writing, time management, project management, how to work as a team,how to interview an expert, and how to artistically and graphically present material visually.
Many adults use these skills everyday in our careers.A Science Fair Project is the perfect time to start practicing job qualifications that will help you in high school, college and beyond.
As the mom of 4 kids ranging from grade school to high school, a former scientist, current coach for robotics/sports teams and occasionally a judge for science fairs at the mi…

Magically transport your kids back in time to Medieval Times

Sparks fly off the steel of broad swords, the sound of splintered wood during a joust and half a baby “dragon” for dinner?Where else but Medieval Times could all of my teenager’s birthday dreams come true.

Medieval Times is a show featuring knights in shining armor on horseback competing to be the Champion of the Realm, defending the honor of her royal highness the Queen and performing feats of athleticism all while guests are fed a filling and delicious meal… no utensils needed.With 10 locations in the US and Canada, a trip to medieval Spain is not far away.

The ShowBe prepared for serious stage combat, with fast moving horses and exquisitely choreographed fight scenes.Pageantry abounds with fog, lights, trumpeters and music setting the tone.Royalty dress in realistic medieval clothing, beautiful horses gallop around the arena, and flags depicting the knights’ coats of armor are displayed and paraded.A master falconer releases a falcon to fly freely in the arena over the heads of the g…


It is that time of year again.  I love the number of uniquely Chicago and family (and budget) friendly ways to celebrate the holidays!  Updated for 2019! Here are my... 2019 Additions...Not to be missed are the many rooftop and hotel based warming huts, skating rinks and hot cocoa cafes that are popping up everywhere.  The key is to search Wrigleyville and the Magnificent Mile for these unique - enjoy while you can - experiences.... Add in a special holiday tea and you have a recipe for holiday magic with your kids! TOP 10 Chicago Christmas for Kids1.  CTA Holiday Train For the price of a regular public transportation ticket, your children get to enjoy a decked out "L" train complete with open air Santa car featuring Santa.  CTA employees dressed as Elves act as Holiday Ambassadors, handing out candy canes and fun.  Don't forget to look for the Rudolph Bus... taking public transportation was never so festive! Check the CTA Holiday Train website for dates and times for th…

Staycation 101: How to Vacation at Home

By the time I finish surviving Summer or Christmas break, the idea of planning and going on Thanksgiving or Spring Break seems daunting.Staycation has been my motto.Today a friend asked me - begged me - to share ideas on what to do over the next break.Adding to the quick text I sent her, here are a few of my favorite staycation ideas.Note: most of these ideas work well for families with & without kids.

The Start and Finish line:Libraries
Ok, so Thanksgiving or spring break are not races, but my recommendation is to start and finish (by returning items before school/work start up again) at the Library.Libraries are amazing places… you don’t even need to leave your home to check out e-books and audio books.Talk about the ultimate in entertainment delivery.
Everyone in the family should take out a book and read it.Yes, of course.But what about libraries that let you borrow museum passes, use Free WIFI, offer conference rooms to study in, seminars on social media, build your own comic st…